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Introductory Videos

The videos on this page will introduce you to our company, our products, and our training services. They area also available on our YouTube Channel.

Service Cloud

Demonstration of NIIGATA Service Cloud, allowing customers complete access to the NIIGATA knowledge base, and comprehensive tracking of their open and closed service cases.


Product Benefits

Electric machines run neatly and quietly, providing a cleaner and more comfortable working environment. This video introduces you to the benefits of using Niigata's All-Electric machines.


Training Services

Our primary training facility is located in Chicago, Illinois, with a secondary facility in Los Angeles. This video briefly describes Niigata's on and off-site training services.


Training Videos

Cooling Function

Oour advanced electronics cooling system features fully sealed electronics cabinets and a cooling channel system to keep dust, particulates and humidity away from servo amps and electronics, extending operational lifespan.


Tandem Molding

Demonstration of NIIGATA's Tandem Molding Sequence in action on a MD 200W all-electric molding machine. Mold with less tonnage or fewer machines, at a faster cycle per part.


Mold Protection

Demonstration of the incredible sensitivity of the mold protection feature on NIIGATA all-electric molding machines. The full stroke of the clamp is continuously monitored, providing the best mold protection in the industry.


Dual Servo Injection

From the pioneer in all-electric injection molding, this video highlights NIIGATA's PATENTED Dual Servo Torque Matching technology, stronger injection, with long pack and hold times as standard.


MD Series

The MD Series boasts wide tie bar spacing, 16 user programmable inputs and 16 outputs, wear resistant screw and barrel, SPI Robot interface, long pack and hold times, and more!


Upcoming Seminars & Classes

Sep 18-20: CLASS

Process Optimization via Scientific Molding
Instructed by John Bozzelli

Oct 23-24: CLASS

Maintenance Training Program – MD Series
Instructed by Niigata

Customer Service

NIIGATA Service Cloud
Our customer service portal contains solutions to most common issues, and the ability to log a case online, interact with our service staff, and review complete machine service history.

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