All-Electric Molding Machines

Is it Time to Make the Switch?

Are the demands of the marketplace and how they affect your business growing? Are you beginning to get the feeling that you're falling behind technically and that the competition is landing more of the profitable jobs? Are you tired of your current molding machinery suppliers excuses for poor service and support? Well maybe it is time to take a hard look to find out why NIIGATA all-electric customers are among the most loyal in the industry.

You've heard the stories and seen the demonstrations with the claims of lower energy and maintenance costs; but could there be more? How about positional accuracy to ±.0001" and noise levels well below 65db? How about control features which eliminate flash and molded in stress, as well as a general reduction in tool wear? Add to this, the incorporation of simultaneous machine functions, to produce a more efficient cycle time. How about wear resistant screw and barrel, SPI robot interface, 16 programmable I/O, and even remote monitoring by PC, Tablet or Smartphone all as standard? How about a service team that doesn't make excuses, that allows you to access the same technical troubleshooting database and documents that they use via our 24 hour online customer service portal? The service portal allows you to monitor and track all your company's open and closed machine service requests…no secrets, no excuses.

Maybe it is time to consider a switch — a switch to the NIIGATA All-Electric Machine! If so, just contact us and we will plug you into what is going on in the marketplace.


While many so called "Japanese" molding machines are now being made in China, NIIGATA manufactures their machines 100% in Japan, to unwavering Japanese quality standards. While we understand it may be "cheaper" to build a machine in communist China, we at NIIGATA cannot sacrifice our quality or weaken our moral compass, and will continue to build our machines to the highest standards in Japan.


Machine repeatability of 0.0001" and true closed loop control to all machine functions leads to zero variations in part weight and critical dimensions. Quality functions and processing variables can be monitored and alarmed through the machine's controller or remotely by PC, Tablet or Smartphone. Using this feature, remote service troubleshooting can be achieved, saving you time and money on service calls.

With 75% fewer machine components than our standard hydraulic machine your company will experience less downtime due to preventative maintenance or repair. There are no valves to stick or leak, no filters or magnets to clean, and our time tested five point toggle system is automatically lubricated at appropriate intervals.

Standard Features

Standard features on the Niigata MD Series machine include such items as user programmable inputs and outputs (16 each), SPI robot interface, wear resistant screw and barrel, PC Remote monitoring interface and software, among others.


NIIGATA's latest ALL-ELECTRIC precision machine series. Available from 55 tons to 150 tons, these machines are non-hydraulic and feature the most compact body in the industry.

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MD-S7000 Mid-Range

NIIGATA's reborn ALL-ELECTRIC precision machine series established a new standard. Available from 200 tons to 500 tons, these machines have the most compact body in the industry.

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The widest range of ALL-ELECTRIC molding machines available, from 600 tons to 950 tons.

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From the pioneer of ALL-ELECTRIC vertical injection molding machines. Available from 55 tons to 165 tons, with vertical clamp and your choice of vertical or horizontal injection unit.


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Key Features

  • Available from 55 thru 950 tons - the widest range of all the electric competitors
  • Vertical Clamp and Vertical or Horizontal Injection available from 55 thru 165 tons
  • Energy Efficient - Savings of 60% to 85% over similar sized hydraulic machines

Corporate Profile

Our mission is to continuously provide products that contribute to the profitability of our customers.

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Customer Service

NIIGATA Service Cloud
Our customer service portal contains solutions to most common issues, and the ability to log a case online, interact with our service staff, and review complete machine service history.

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Other Models

Product information for many other NIigata models is available for reference.

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