MDVR Series: 55-165 Tons

The MDVR Series, from the pioneer of ALL-ELECTRIC vertical injection molding machines. Available from 55 tons to 165 tons, with vertical clamp and your choice of vertical or horizontal injection unit. 



From the pioneer of ALL-ELECTRIC vertical injection molding machines, the MDVR Series features reliable performance, refined mechanisms, and refreshing design.

Wide and Strong Clamp Mechanism

Increased Mold Height
The dimensions for molds have been increased by 14% based on area compared to the previous model. The high-rigidity moving plate and table are designed to keep plate deformation at or below the level of the previous model, no matter how large and complex your molds become.

Patented Guide-bar Support Mechanism
The MDVR is structured in such a way that the guide bar is effectively supported at the top and bottom, virtually eliminating unit vibration.

Smooth Table Rotation

Patented Table Rotation Mechanism
The MDVR is equipped with a low-friction support device that minimizes the friction between the table and the slide, as well as a direct belt-drive system. Together, they provide high-speed operation and excellent durability, and the new, fully closed control can stop the table more accurately.

Designed for Safety

Patented Safety Devices
The limit switch on the safety door is of the forced-release type, which eliminates the risk of an accident in the event of fused contacts. The MDVR also comes standard with the open/close type purge cover, so you can remove purge material and maintain the nozzle with peace of mind.

Patented Ball Screw
The ball screw comprising the clamping device is directly connected to a brake for enhanced durability. The MDVR also features mechanical safety devices interlocked with operating doors.


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