MD Series: 200-500 Tons

NIIGATA's reborn ALL-ELECTRIC precision machine series established a new standard. Available from 200 tons to 500 tons, these machines have the most compact body in the industry.

MD-S7000 Medium

MD-S7000 Medium Tonnage

The most compact body in the industry
NIIGATA has a distinctive injection unit structure to minimize machine installation area, which is reputed to be the greatest space saver of all. We can proudly introduce our product to the customer who can not spare enough space for large machineries. Now, you can utilize your space to the fullest! What’s more, the height of machine is lowered from our conventional model and also the operability is improved.

Precision Clamping Device

Accurate Clamping Force Adjustment
With the MD-S7000, setup of the mold can be done in high speed and with high precision. In addition, clamping force can be adjusted accurately, and precision of low pressure mold protection has been improved so that successive and stable precision molding can be achieved.

Tougher Injection

Unmatched Powerful Injection
MD-S7000 can maintain a long holding pressure time. Our electrical machine can form thick lens without difficulty, which was once believed to be impossible. In addition, it keeps down energy consumption during pressure hold, making it extremely energy efficient.

Ultra-low Speed Injection Control
Ultralow speed injection of 0.01mm/s can be achieved with high-resolution encoder mounted on our machine. Our machine delivers superior performance in thick-walled molding with outstanding stability and repeatability in low speed.

Even Melting

Patented Temperature Control System
As for nozzle temperature control, the well-received “Group Temperature Control“ is adapted as a standard feature. This ground-breaking temperature control system monitors 2 heaters by 3 sensors. By shifting weighted values among sensors, it can change sensor position virtually and change temperature slope freely. This system has the enormous effect on preventing the problem of stringiness, drooling, nozzle freezing and material burn. Another standard feature is “Cylinder Follow-up temperature Control” for nozzle which prevents resin burning within the nozzle.


Customer Service

NIIGATA Service Cloud
Our customer service portal contains solutions to most common issues, and the ability to log a case online, interact with our service staff, and review complete machine service history.

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Other Models

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