MD Series: 600-950 Tons

The widest range of ALL-ELECTRIC molding machines available, from 600 tons to 950 tons.


MD-S6000 Large Tonnage

With the next generation in mind, this new standard is environment and user friendly and is designed with fully integrated hardware and software.

Enhanced Control Performance

Fast and Responsive
300 mm/s injection speed, coupled with fast
response time, is ideal for thin wall parts.

Maintaining low screw speeds of 0.01 mm/s, along with resin pressures of 0.1 MPa, is perfect for lens molding.

System scanning is executed and processed in 222 micro-secs, and the injection time is adjustable to 0.001 sec., insuring enhanced stability.

Newly Developed Injection Unit

Durable & Accurate
Quick response and long life are attributable to time tested servo-motors and ball screws, coupled with a highly accurate guide mechanism.

Screw Variations
A variety of screw designs are available for improving resin uniformity. Chromium plating is used to improve color change transition.

Nozzle Touch Force
The nozzle touch pressure force has been increased to equal that of hydraulic machines of equal size.

Improved Clamping Mechanism

Solid Design
Incorporating the Niigata 5-point system, the clamp responds with fast/smooth opening and closing speeds. This proven design has been developed over years of toggle clamp experience.

30% Increase in Platen Stiffness
Increased platen stiffness and minimal uniform deformation has been achieved through CAE analysis (PAT. PEND).

Wide Span Guides
4-point guide rollers are used for the moveable platen guides. With a wide span, platen parallelism is ensured allowing for greater mold alignment accuracy.

Environment and User-Friendly

Compact Design
Compact in size, it requires 10% less space than earlier models. Leaves more room for peripheral equipment and secondary operations.

Expert System
Using a vast database this system can be used to automatically set-up general mold parameters by entering some basic information. A great help to quick mold set-up.

Reduced Power Consumption
40% to 50% less power is used when compared to hydraulic machines. This, combined with reduced water cooling costs, means far less energy usage.


Customer Service

NIIGATA Service Cloud
Our customer service portal contains solutions to most common issues, and the ability to log a case online, interact with our service staff, and review complete machine service history.

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Other Models

Product information for many other NIigata models is available for reference.

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