About Niigata

30 Years of Experience

NIIGATA is famous for its all-electric molding technology, first exhibiting an all-electric IMM at the Japan Plastics Fair way back in 1984, NIIGATA has continued to lead in the R&D of all-electric molding technology.

Built on over 30 years of experience manufacturing all-electric molding machines 100% in Japan, the NIIGATA brand is synonymous with extreme reliability, high precision, heavy duty all-electric molding, a machine made for serious molders, and demanding operations. Featuring industry leading patents and controls, long period holding pressures, and remote monitoring via the cloud, PC, tablets and smartphones, NIIGATA is a true heavyweight in the industry. Our machines are so robust, they typically weigh thousands of pounds more than the competitors' similar machine, while still delivering a smaller foot-print to maximize your factory floor space.

Having discontinued manufacture of hydraulic based machines in the late 1990's, NIIGATA focuses solely on providing the all-electric market with the industry's most reliable, fully servo driven IMM, built to unwavering Japanese quality standards.

NIIGATA has stayed in the lead in the industry by being the first in Japan to develop the All Electric Injection Molding Machine from a conventional hydraulic type, and to commercialize the world’s first ALL ELECTRIC Vertical Injection Molding Machine and large-size ALL ELECTRIC Injection Molding Machines (600 tons and above.

As the company that leads the world in the development of all electric injection molding machines, NIIGATA’s goal is to develop globally through innovative ideas and advanced technology, and to provide even greater satisfaction to its customers.

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Our History

1982Niigata began research and development on their first all-electric molding machine
1984Niigata exhibited it's first all-Electric prototype at the Japan Plastics Show
1990Niigata introduced it's small size all-Electric series to the Japan market
1994Developed the MD-SIII up to 200 tons
1996Developed the MD-SIII up to 500 tons
1996Introduced the world's FIRST all-electric vertical machine
1999Developed the world's LARGEST all-electric machines (2000 tons)
2000Delivered our 100th large size all-electric machine (1000 tons and up)
2003Introduction of the MD-S IV series
2006Introduction of our 5th generation X and W series
2011Introduction of our 6th generation MD S6000 series
20157th generation MD7000 series hits the market with Industry 4.0 smart remote monitoring technology

Our Machines Feature

  • Incredible Customer Support — Highest satisfaction ratings
  • High Nozzle Touch Force — Patented
  • Longest Pack and Hold Times — Patented
  • 100% Fiber Optic Controls — No analog signals
  • Industry 4.0 Smart Remote Monitoring via PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Smallest Footprint of the Industry — Yet heaviest weight = ROBUST
  • Strongest 3–year Warranty of key components such as Control Screen, Servo Motors and Servo Amplifiers, Ball Screws
  • 24 hour online Customer Service Portal

Introductory Videos

The videos below will introduce you to our company, our products, and our training services. They area also available on our YouTube Channel.

Corporate Profile

Our mission is to continuously provide products that contribute to the profitability of our customers.

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Customer Service

NIIGATA Service Cloud
Our customer service portal contains solutions to most common issues, and the ability to log a case online, interact with our service staff, and review complete machine service history.

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