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The social responsibility of the University of Colima has been expressed in its mission, vision, and university values, formulated on the basis of the Organic Law and the reflexive and critical recognition of its history. Man and his knowledge, science and its development, are the basis of scientific and technological progress. Ӱniversity, as an educational institution, provides a privileged space where to stimulate the creative and scientific discussion reasoning as the motor for the development of the society, since it transforms the human being into an active subject who aspires to the humanization. From this perspective, the University is the physical and intellectual space for the development of the scientific culture by means of the professionalization of people in different fields of knowledge as well as technical and vocational training.

Its theoretical frame is established by the humanities, the economic and administrative sciences, and the updated methodological support. Ӱniversity of Colima is an organization at the service of society, providing theoretical, technical, and conceptual tools that favor the production of new knowledge. In this way, the University of Colima constitutes the point of convergence amid science, technology, and the values for the search for critical truth and the constant evolution of the human being in the universe.


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    Av. Universidad No. 333, Las Vboras, 28040, Colima